Security matters, specially for PHP-Magazine, some source code publicly accessible!

Submitted by pure-php on Fri, 2005-04-01 07:59.

PHP-Magazine has fixed this secutrity leak, it is not possible to read any source code. This posting ist not up to date anymore

It is not an April joke! I read frequently PHP-Magazine (, Yesterday I discovered some interesting things, because I was able, to read some source code and they are still publicly available. I don’t want to write, how I could read the source code, because there are always some people out side, who want play with it. Very important, they have register_globals on. I hope, they fix it as soon as possible.

I found out, that they use the Powerslave content management system, and they have installed it in this directory. /var/httpd/powerslave. As I surfed to site of the company, who has written Powerslave, I found out, that many sites in Germany use this content management system. I hope, they fix it, as soon as possible.

To all user of the Powerslave, try to get a new version, or a patch, or ask me for a quick solution.

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